Jarvee is an advanced Social media marketing management tool. It is a no brainer, that everybody is roaming around on the internet these days. Hence, it is very necessary to reinforce our efforts multi-fold, to stand out of the crowd.

Hence, it is a very important to keep inserting engaging content across social media platforms, through different channels, frequently. But how a single soul can do all this, that too creatively, himself?

Jarvee can help us do that. We can manage multiple social media accounts that too on the same social media platform, to reach our customers from all directions.

Along with facilitating us to unleash our expertise in content marketing, we can also learn tricks and concepts of Instagram marketing as well through Jarvee. The advanced Instagram Marketing certification offered by Jarvee is created by consulting expert Instagram influencers and marketers and help marketing enthusiasts at each level of their campaign.

Starting from how to create attractive and appealing Instagram profiles to expanding the reach of accounts exponentially, we can generate, divert, and entertain significant traffic to our websites, and add those prospects in our sales funnel.

This course is offered completely free and consists of around 70 lessons, embedded across 11 quizzes.

Though Jarvee is a paid social media automation tool, we can start our experience by opting for 5 days of the free trial. We can opt for the paid membership later.

Features Available on Jarvee

After switching to the paid version of Jarvee, we can unlock the full power of Jarvee social media automation tool and perform activities like:

Post Scheduling

We can collaborate multiple social media accounts spread through multiple and varied social media platforms, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We can create drafts and schedule multiple posts on varied social media platforms, strategically.

Instagram Automation

We can automate Follow, unfollow, Follow-back, auto like auto comment, Auto delete, and auto repost using Jarvee. Along with this, we can search for popular hashtags to further increase our customer reach. Also, we can manage our auto-reply direct messages in case someone contacts us through Instagram.

Facebook Automation

Through the use of Jarvee, we can increase our customer engagement many folds on Facebook. We can post regular updates, and also Jarvee can help us finding and joining Facebook groups in our niche. Our unjoining in case we don’t find them useful.

Also, we can find customers who are interested in product offerings like ours, and we can contact them in high numbers, expanding our reach and expected conversion ratio.

Twitter Automation

On Twitter, Jarvee can help us engage with our customers efficiently and faster. We can auto send follow, unfollow, follow back requests to our prospects. Also, we can add our favorites and auto retweet posts related to certain hashtags and mentions.

Also, we can auto include certain twitter mentions in all our posts, and also generate tweets from the RSS feed.

Pinterest Automation

We can add our multiple Pinterest accounts on Jarvee and can automate tasks such as Auto replying or comment. We can send automatic follow requests to a large number of people, and also watermark our pins using Jarvee.

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn is the new arena for B2B marketing and has a huge pool of professionals from each industry and sectors of the world. Hence, impactful Linkedin marketing can yield prosperous results.

Through Jarvee we can automate the tasks related to joining or leaving groups in our niche, viewing profiles and invite friends and peers to join our groups and engagement portals on LinkedIn.

Tumblr Automation

Through the use of Jarvee we can also link out Tumblr accounts and automate tasks like following or unfollowing, liking others blog or reblog them. Also, we can post on sub-blogs and increase the level of penetration towards our customers.

Youtube Automation

Youtube is a very powerful platform to share engaging video content and direct the viewers to our websites. Hence, it is a very important part of any digital marketing plan for businesses nowadays.

Through Jarvee, we can automate tasks like Comments, Likes, Follow, unfollow, etc.

Other Tools

Apart from the tools associated with popular social media platforms, we can do a lot of other things with Jarvee. We can import content through RSS feeds, or accumulate considerable vital data regarding your customers through scraping tools.

Also, we can use Spin Syntax to post unique and engaging content on our accounts. And, measure the impact of our social media marketing efforts by using Jarvee’s Growth metrics and statistical reports.

Jarvee Subscription Cost

They don’t ask for credit card details and we can start with the free trial of 5-days to test the functionality of Jarvee. After trial and comparing with other social media tools, if we find Jarvee better suited as per our business objectives, we can opt for their ‘Starter’ pack.

We can get 10 social media accounts on top 8 social media platforms, and can easily manage them using all the automation and scheduling features of Jarvee. Also, we will get premium customer support from them.

And yes, it will cost you $29.95.

Next one is the ‘Regular’ plan. Everything is the same in terms of automation features and premium customer support, but in this plan, we can get 30 social media accounts across all 8 social media platforms. The cost for this plan is $49.95.

Lastly, if we want to push hard and get things done fast, we can opt for their ‘Professional’ plan, in which we will get 70 social media accounts along with all other features at the price of $69.95.

But to unleash the full potential of Jarvee, we can surely opt for some efficient proxies to accelerate our marketing reach.

Jarvee Proxies

Running multiple accounts on social media through social media marketing automation tools is great, but can also lead to the blocking of all our accounts. If social media platforms recognize that there are multiple accounts are running on the same IP address, they can altogether block them all.

Reactivating them could be a very tedious and costly affair. Costly not in terms of reactivation charges but the amount of business loss which can occur due to our social media absence can be huge.

Hence, Jarvee proxies come into the picture, through them we can run multiple social media accounts from different IP addresses. Hence, avoiding suspicion.

Importance of Proxies

While we are deciding to use proxies, we have to access our seriousness towards our business growth. We can use free proxies as well, but they are free and are used by many other people as well.

There are many cheap private paid Jarvee proxy providers as well, but there is a high chance that they can share our proxies with others as well, or put us on slow hardware, everyone has to make revenue, right?

But it can impact our business marketing performance adversely. Free proxies can also damage our accounts in a really bad way, if the same proxies are used by some notorious chaps, it can result in the blockage of all the accounts through that proxies. Hence, for a serious social media marketing plan, free proxies are a time bomb.

We can use the same proxy on multiple social media platforms, and there won’t be any problem doing it. I mean we can use the same proxy to be on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. It is good to save money and optimally utilize the proxies.

But, if we want to keep all our footprints completely discreet on social media, we can use a single proxy per account, or we can see the different proxy limitations on different social media platforms.

Like, we can use up to 9 accounts on twitter from the same proxy, around 3 for Facebook and around 5 for Pinterest.

Some of the proxies which you can consider are High proxies, Smart proxy, Blazing SEO, etc. Be wise while choosing the right one for your business.

Once you are done with selecting a proxy for Jarvee, you can easily add them to your Jarvee console and start your social media mission.

How to Add Proxy on Jarvee?

To add proxies to Jarvee software we have to do some simple following steps:

  1. After opening the Jarvee app, we have to click on the proxy manager, and select add proxy option.
  2. Now, we can add our proxy details, including the proxy address, our credentials i.e. Username and password. Also, if we have whitelisted proxies, we don’t need to put any credentials.
  3. After putting our details, we can verify the proxy under the action header. After it is validated, we can assign a dedicated proxy to any social media accounts we want.

Why Proxies are Important to Efficiently Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

The most important reason of using proxies is the fact that social media platforms do not like multiple accounts running from the same IP Address, they can perceive it as a fraudulent center, trying to connect with people in different faces, bluffing. Hence, they delete those accounts.

Imagine, all our hard work, all our followers, all the content, gone.

But social media platforms are ok with running the same account from the same IP address so that they can know that it is the same person. And, proxies help us do just that. And attaching this with a social media automation tool can enhance our business reach exponentially high.

Also, we can avoid getting blocked.

Managing these proxy apps and social media automation tools is very convenient if not easy, we can do everything on the go through apps on our mobile. You can drive through woods with your favorite music and Jarvee bots are scraping stuff from the net exclusively for you. It is a great way to efficient.

How do Proxies Work?

So, when we buy a proxy, it comes with an exclusive IP address. We can sync our social media accounts across social media platforms. And, even when we are posting content on all of them together by sitting at our desk or bed, each content gets posted from a different proxy.

Adding content from different proxies means that the engagement was done by different people from different geographies, and everybody is happy with this setup. we can be sitting in Malaysia and our content is reaching our global customers through the servers of Canada, India, Australia, etc.

Now again, I want to reaffirm that, using public proxies is not at a cool idea to do. Public proxies are shared by many people. If we are trying something new before jumping into the actual war, we can use public proxies.

But, once we get into the professional mode, the only way forward is through private proxies. Private proxies are not only more secure but are also very fast. Since it is a dedicated resource for us and is not shared by anyone, it offers nice surfing speed.

And, who doesn’t like fast internet?

Using Proxies Exclusively with Instagram

Instagram is the latest trend which is going through social media and is even overshadowing Facebook in some aspects. On this social media platform, the content is more driven images and videos, and no text.

This is the reason that almost 85% of the top brands use Instagram. And, since this is a very popular place to be, it is very hard to get noticed in the crowd of so many people, who are doing crazy things every day.

The quality of content is an important aspect but when everybody is hiring digital design agencies to create content, quantity also plays a role. With content coming from different channels, we have a greater chance to make an impact on our customers.

In a nutshell, I would say, that social media is a great engine to sit on and reach the hearts of our customers. And, using social media automation tools increase our reach many folds. And, by using proxies we can do extensive social media marketing securely and successfully.