Hello everyone, as the name suggests, Snapchat is a social media platform, which helps us chat through snaps. Some of us are too lazy to post through social media, hence we just snap it and send it.

This is the reason why SnapChat is a very popular social media platform among the younger generation. Imagine you were watching a boxing match between Ali and Tyson, and you want to post it on social media.

Would you prefer to click a pic and then share it on Facebook, and think of some awesome caption and hashtags and post it? I am sure your post will get so many likes. But what about all the action and uppercuts you missed.

Hence, it is better to just snap it.

Snapchat Marketing Potential

Now, we can imagine why Snapchat is so famous, and why Facebook copied the same concept in all its social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook itself. Snaps or stories are used to capture the moment, instantaneously share it on social media.

Nowadays, you can go live also. People are just going crazy on social media. The crazier you are, the more famous you will get. Things are changing so fast; technology is bombarding us with something or another every day.

We humans can’t do much other than being awe.

Large Customer Outreach Via Snapchat

If your consumer demographic is young and dynamic, SnapChat is a place to reach them. Since the majority of snapchat’s customer base are early adopters, it provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise.

If you are a small business, but feel that you are interesting enough to steal the glimpses, make snapchat as your major marketing medium. You won’t regret it.

SnapChat is fast and trendy, more than anything else other than Facebook-owned social media platforms. Users really like their filters and emojis. Have you seen a large number of filters Facebook offers for our profile pictures? You can fly amidst clouds, or stand on the waves, they are painfully funny. 

Instead, snapchat offers few filters but they will really make you look good. Especially their selfie filters who are very famous among girls, and are even copied by other social media platforms.

This is also the reason why some of the most famous celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger are so active on SnapChat. It offers a golden opportunity for businesses to reach the teenage population and create a long-term business relationship with them at this early stage only.

Marketing on SnapChat 

SnapChat registers more than 160 million daily users, sharing different kinds of things with each other, such as messages, videos, photographs, recordings, and stories. With the majority of the population being very young, snapchat receives visits from lots of future consumers.

Hence, businesses are running behind being the best one to showcase in this market place. SnapChat also encourages businesses to market themselves on its platform, in order to maintain a pleasant experience for its users and also being friendly to the advertisers.

Snapchat Automation Tools

There are so many awesome snapchat automation tools such as GhostCodes, Caption, Pepperfilters, Snapchatters, Yellow, etc. Each of the above-mentioned applications contributes in their own ways to make your snapchat marketing plan, a hit.

We can schedule our posts for a later date and concentrate on creating awesomely engaging content, without worrying about the posting schedule. Also, by using Snapchat automation tools we can facilitate the process of sharing our posts by our customers on a different social media platform and vice versa.

Unofficial Snapchat button is one such snapchat automation tool that helps users to share content across platforms using an unofficial Snapchat button. Along with this, automation tools like Snaplytics can give us a complete story regarding the performance of the snapchat marketing efforts.

SnapChat story explorer is another interesting add-on that enables users to explore interrelated stories. The idea is to provide multiple perspectives of the same incident to the users.

For example, if there is a protest going on against something, protests are always going on around the world, somewhere. So, if a user has uploaded a video of the same on its story, and another user is making a video from some other different location, their stories will get connected, and as a result, we can see the same protests from different camera angles.

Snapchat For Business

SnapChat is very friendly towards the advertisers and businesses, but at the same time, they want to make sure that the user experience doesn’t get hampered. Hence, it would definitely attract lots of people of the same mindset.

Now, if we know, that marketing on SnapChat can do wonders for our businesses, and Snapchat automation tools can revolutionize our SnapChat marketing content. We also have to take one more step further and create a robust and secure infrastructure by using SnapChat proxies.

Why We Need Snapchat Proxy?

When we talk about marketing efforts at the business scale, that too at small and medium businesses level, who are not already famous, Snapchat proxies are a real need of the hour.

In fact, even the established brands need SnapChat proxy servers to secure their existing infrastructure from the external threats. When we are new and want to go full throttle with our marketing campaign to reach maximum users, we need multiple content streams, reaching to our customers with some exciting news about us.

It could be offers, limited edition products, latest collection, anything. We need to be the fastest to present our deals to the customers. But, sadly, too much activity from a certain IP address across multiple accounts of the same social media platform, is disliked by social media administrators.

They are correct too in assuming it to be a fraudulent IP address. Because genuine users generally use only one device or two. Hence, they block those IP addresses.

The Importance Of Using Snapchat Proxy

If our account is blocked? It’s gone. Unless they reactivate our account, our customers can’t find us. When we are fighting for an inch more of profit, and build our brand, even a single day downtime can create catastrophic consequences.

Hence, it is better to avoid such things, and the best way to do that is by using SnapChat proxies. You can post content from multiple IP addresses and reach more and more customers.

SnapChat proxy server is dedicated hardware, which routes your content from your development center to the social media marketplace, through it. Though you will be working in Washington, your content will be posted from a server in Hong Kong.

Snapchat Proxy From Another Country

It is great, even if we want to post a country-specific content on our multiple social media handles, we can do so, through dedicated proxy servers. Also, if you are an influencer and working from your smartphone? You can post content across social media platforms in a matter of few seconds.

Or even if we want to post on the same platform but with multiple accounts, that purpose can also be served using the proxies. Also, they help in making the website faster, by caching the most frequent content, such as your homepage.

In the world, where time is the ultimate asset, it helps us to reach our customers with more speed. And, generally, the first one who reaches the customer, is the one who gets the order. Hence, snapchat proxies can accelerate our social media marketing efforts to new heights.

The Importance Of Snapchat Proxy Anonymity and Security

For big brands and businesses, it is very important to keep themselves safe from hacking or and other cybercrimes. More famous you are, the more eyes fall on you. We still remember the cyber hacking case of Sony. Don’t we?

We have to be anonymous in the digital world, I don’t know, if you guys have seen the Insidious movie series. Of course, the digital world is not that dark and scary, in fact, it is glittering and beautiful. But the key is to stay anonymous.

With proxy servers, we can launch our sites from different servers, by keeping our whole IT infrastructure aside safely. This adds an extra layer of security to our digital business. 

Everything is getting connected on the internet; hence cybersecurity is a critical factor for the success of the businesses.

Types Of SnapChat Proxies

There are different kinds of SnapChat proxies we can opt, for our businesses. Starting from free proxies, to paid shared proxies, reaching exclusively dedicated proxy servers. Now, all of them serve the same purpose but there is a drastic change in the way they work.

Free Snapchat Proxy

Free proxy servers generally run on advertisement revenue. Hence, the main purpose of the proxy provider is to have more and more users. Hence, there will be lots of people sharing the same proxy.

This will not only result in the slow speed of the network; your website might start showing random advertisements. Advertisements are good for businesses but they are not good for the customer experience. Hence, even before we make them our customers, unwanted advertisements can irritate our prospects.

Free proxies are generally used for personal applications, such as watching porn of course or viewing some censored content. Any commercial use of free proxies can be fatal anytime. Hence, as we grow bigger it will be right to leave the free proxies.

Shared Snapchat Proxy

After free proxies, the next one is shared proxies. In this too proxy hardware is shared but to a very small group of people. Hence, they are faster than free proxies but are still not much secure.

Because they are being used by other people as well, we can never know what they are doing with it. This can result in blacklisting or blocking our website. And, everything is fine, but a down website is lethal for the profit of the businesses. Hence, for professional outreach even dedicated shared proxies are not much of help.

Private Snapchat Proxy

Hence, the last resort for businesses to get the best hardware and security is exclusively dedicated proxies. These proxy servers are dedicated to our business needs only. They drive traffic only for our social media handlers.

Hence, they are the fastest and most secure proxies. 

Private Proxies Versus Public Snapchat Proxies

Public proxies are a big NO. Though we can use them to view content which is banned in our country, we should never use them for commercial and business purposes. They are running on advertisement revenue, and on degraded ancient hardware.

They are slow and unsafe, and most importantly they keep on getting blocked. Slow websites are a turn off for customers. Even if our website is fast, if it is not safe, it is a disaster in waiting.

On the other hand, private proxies are completely safe and add an extra layer of security to our systems. They are fast as they can also have enough space left to cache the frequent content, such as home page images, menus, etc.

This results in a faster loading time of our mobile application or website. Customers just want to get it done as soon as possible. Hence, a fast website is a game-changer.

Apart from this, we can rotate them to keep our digital footprint more anonymous. Rotating list of proxies can keep our website further away from the hands of cybercriminals and malware attacks.

Our whole ecosystem is running on digital. Even if it is not running right now, it is going to be sooner or later. Hence, it is extremely important to start with a secure and robust foundation of rotating proxies.


Proxies are at the extreme end of the network when our customer tries to reach us, it reaches our proxy server first, and then gets routed towards our sales pipeline.

The first impression is the last impression. Hence, if our proxy server is the one to be connected first, we need it to be powerful and dedicated.

SnapChat proxy servers are a must to win the marketing war running on SnapChat. We can be authentic, fast, and secure with SnapChat proxies. 

Sometimes, the only difference between winners and losers is as small as a proxy server to the IT infrastructure.

Make a wise decision.