This article is for PS4 lovers. Who doesn’t love online games? Millions of people around the world are crazy about online games. The same thing can be viewed with the number of PUBG players around the world.

It came a few years back on mobile, and people went crazy for it. No doubt it has a great experience where we are going on a secret mission with our dear friends, connected through the internet.

Hence, the current online gaming industry completely focuses on games played by multiple people connected over a network. The time of simulated rounds is gone, today we want games to be completely realistic and instantaneous. 

Hence, an uninterrupted internet is very important for an awesome PS4 gaming experience. 

Good Ol’ Gaming Days

In older days, we used to play alone, with computer bots as the other opponents, but now this way of gaming is very boring and predictable. Hence, a bit of chaos surely adds enough excitement to keep us engaged. 

We want it to be live, we want it to be real, and we want to meet people in flesh. Though it is not always possible physically, it can happen in the digital world. We can play alongside our friends even when we are apart geographically.

But, for all of this to happen, we need an uninterrupted internet speed. Online live games are genuine and if we get disconnected, all our progress will be lost for sure. Hence, we cannot afford to go offline anytime.

Imagine you are in the last round with your friends and fighting a ferocious battle with the opponent team, running and firing in the darkness of a thick forest. Suddenly, you spot a shadow behind the bushes.

And, the moment you aimed your gun towards it, you found out, that the shadow is of your enemy’s team member, thrilled with the discovery, when you were about fire, your internet connection got lost.

Oops! Whether your team wins that game or not, that is not important. The problem is you were not able to finish, and got disconnected. This is more painful. I know that the above scenario is very extreme, but it is possible.

Especially if we are playing on crippled internet connection. Hence, to make sure that our PS4 online gaming experience stays smooth and thrilling, we need a consistent internet. The good news is, that can be achieved by using proxy servers for PS4.

What Is A Proxy Server?

Proxy servers are dedicated or shared hardware, which works as an interceptor between our router and the internet. If we choose a certain proxy server to connect to the internet, all our traffic will be routed through that proxy server.

As a result, we can enjoy a faster and consistent internet network, as our connection is going through a dedicated proxy connection, and is not burdened with a load of other users. High internet traffic makes the connections to work on overcapacity, which causes queues of connection requests.

Also, proxies help us to play from multiple locations and participate in competitions in particular geography other than where we live. Generally, gamers have to travel to a particular place to participate in any competitions.

But, with the help of PS4 proxy servers, we can do everything sitting in the comfort of our home. The idea of PS4 gaming with the proxies, which means great internet connection, is really exciting and we should try it.

Benefits of PS4 Proxy Server

Speedy Proxy For PS4

Fast internet connection is one of the most highlighting benefits of using proxy servers for the PS4 gaming experience. The fact that complete proxy hardware is taking care of us, is enough to give us an idea of the speed of the connection.

Modern proxy servers come with caching features, and they can store many frequently visited games data, which results in connection within milliseconds. For gamers, the speed and consistency of the internet are very crucial.

Nothing is more painful than a slow and lagging game. I used to play Midtown Madness at home back in the day. I loved the game, but because of the CPU configuration, the gaming experience was pathetic.

When I wanted to turn the car, it used to take 1 to 2 seconds for that side arrow key to execute, hence I often collided it at crucial corners of the lap. It was so frustrating, whenever there are too many components on the screen, like buildings, moving human bots, etc. My game used to get jammed like some DJ is rapping ‘TO and FRO’.                                                                                    

But once I played the same game on a better configuration PC, Eureka! The game was so awesome, handling was so smooth, graphics were so realistic, and I just loved it. 

The point I am trying to make is, above are the two experiences one can get from the same game. The only difference is CPU configurations. Now, we all have fast hardware, but the gaming arena is shifted to the internet.

Hence, a bad internet connection will have the same impact on our game experience, as given by slow CPUs in the earlier times. And, proxies can make sure that this doesn’t happen with us ever.

Anonymity And Safety

Using proxies is great from the perspective of the security of our internet connection. Especially in shady online game platforms, many times it happens that people are tracked down from their IP addresses and bombarded with malware attacks. 

These attacks could plant viruses, cripple our hardware or even steal money from us. Hence, having proxy servers for PS4 adds an extra layer of security to our gaming experience and our hardware as a whole. 

Also, anonymity helps us to play those games who are banned in our geography for some reason. We can switch from any proxy server placed in a country where that game is legal and we are good to go.

Proxies have long been used to view censored content such as porn, banned literature, etc. But the use of the same proxies for playing online games is a great way to utilize the power of proxies for our benefit. 

Multi-location Participation For Geo-Located Proxy For PS4

Multi-location participation is also a very great thing about online games running on proxy servers. We can organize games in between a group and also play as a team, even if we are not present together physically.

Proxies help us to embrace the power of the internet at a completely different level. It not only makes the experience smooth and pleasant but also helps in creating an exclusive gaming environment.

We get speed, reliability, security, and anonymity, what else do we need?

How To Add Proxies In PS4? 

To add proxies in our PS4 gaming experience we just need to follow simple below mentioned steps, and we would be good to go, great in fact. The steps include:

  1. Select setting from the main menu bar.
  2. Now, we need to go into the network section of the network options.
  3. We need to select the “Connect to internet” option.
  4. In case we have a wifi connection, we can go ahead with the Wireless connection or in case of LAN connection, which is great for a fast network, we can go with the LAN option as well.
  5. Now, we need to set the DHCP to ‘Do not specify.
  6. Now set the DNS setting to automatic. Also, set MTU settings to automatic.
  7. Select the ‘USE’ option for the proxy server option.
  8. Now, all we need is to provide the IP address of our machine, followed by the port number, where we have configured our proxy server for PS4.
  9. For Mac, the port generally is 8080, and for the windows machine, it is 6588. After this, all we need is to press the next button and it is done, your proxy server for PS4 is set. 

Once we have completed the configuration our PS4 is ready to unleash its true powers and provide us great gaming experience. Our connection is faster, and we are safer than before.

Which PS4 Proxies To Choose?

Now, our decision here is completely dependent on the way we want to use our proxy server. If we are just trying to have some fun and kill time, free proxies are better in that case.

But the moment we shift from mediocrity towards better gaming experience, we have to leave free proxy servers behind. Instead, we need to move towards dedicated proxies. For astonishingly awesome gaming experience, dedicated private proxies are great. 

Free PS4 Proxies

Free proxies are the easiest to get, they are freely available and do the basic job of routing us to a different location, hence it is better to view some censored content occasionally. But, at the same time, any commercial usage of free proxies should be completely avoided.

They run on shared hardware and often run from the revenue of advertisement. Of course, no one has started a Non-profit organization providing free and fast proxies to people. We all need to feed stomachs, right? 

Hence, to keep the infrastructure running, free proxy administrators lend them to as many users as possible, which provides a good opportunity for the advertisers. Not only is this connection pathetically slow, but it is often interrupted by advertisements.

Shared PS4 Proxies

To cover the shortcomings of free proxies, there is another type of shared proxy which is shared by a smaller number of users, and performs better than the free ones. But the issue is the same here too. 

When our hardware is shared by other people, it is obvious it won’t serve us with 100% of its strength. Hence, dedicated share proxies are faster than free proxies are still not the fastest proxies in the market.

Also, since we are unable to track the activities of other people who are using the same proxy, we are vulnerable to backlisting of the proxies. And if the paid proxies are getting blacklisted it is such a waste of money.

Private or Dedicated PS4 Proxies

These are the most advanced and fastest proxy services available in the market. Private proxies are ideal for the use of professional gamers. But, at the same time, they are awesome for those gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy a great gaming experience at their home.

In private dedicated proxies, a whole proxy server is dedicated to carrying our content, hence we hardly see the game lagging. They are powerful servers capable of caching data, which in turn further enhances the gaming experience.

Also, they are the safest proxies, since it is only us who are using it, there is no question of someone else to come and interfere. It keeps us anonymous creating another layer of safety between us and the internet. Keep us in the haven away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Gaming as an industry has flourished and expanded Multi folds in the last decade. With the advent of new technologies now and then, modern games are moving towards being more realistic and connected.

And, with the power of modern hardware things are going to get even better in the future. Technologies like virtual reality are going to completely revolutionize the gaming experience forever.

There will be no more computer screens. The gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox will be accompanied by virtual reality goggles and there will be no need to attach them to our television monitor.


People love to play games and do things they can’t do in the physical world; this is the reason why there are millions of online game lovers across the world. And, from now on the online game avatar is going to get sexier and engaging.

Combining the power and features of proxies over this can give us a mind-blowing gaming experience. I just want to warn you politely, that you can even get addicted to it if you are not already.

Choose proxy servers for PS4 and unleash the power of online games like never before.

Buy them now.