A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your devices and the internet as a whole. Proxy server acts as a firewall and web filter and also provides shared network connections and cache data to speed up common requests.

Japan Web Proxy

Japan web proxy is used for educational research, anonymous browsing, or to get access to localized content. Research like books, educational courses, methods and techniques which are available online and only in Japan can be accessed using IP of that area, specifically through a Japan web proxy.

One has the right set of circumstances to try the cream of the crop, for professional internet research. The second reason to use japan proxy is its superior quality in its anonymous browser – you can be assured to your anonymity when browsing using a Japan proxy.

It can be used both in buying local products and services, or rather access content that is specifically for local consumption only – using a Japan proxy would allow you access to that.

Dedicated/Private Proxies

Dedicated proxies are the ones that are used by one single person. They benefit you in many ways like faster speed and better reliability site wise for proxy.


  •   It hides your IP address with security and protects your privacy. Hence websites can’t stop you from accessing them based on your geo-location.
  •   Private proxy drop-ship’s comprehensive surfing on internet.
  •   Best Japan proxy is full of anonymity, super-fast speed, 24/7 support, easy to integrate and highest performance.
  •   Ability to unlock various applications and diversion of numerous internet restrictions.
  •   Malicious websites can be filtered out.
  •   Less interruption of ads and spam.


  • It only offers the rudimentary privacy protection.
  • You need to ingress the web proxy site to use the proxy.
  • Not all websites can be fully accessed.
  • It gets complicated while switching between different servers.

Shared/Free proxies

Shared proxies are the ones that are used by multiple users. It is mostly used by people at home or by small businesses.


  • They are free of cost.
  • They are easily available for people.


  • They are time consuming.
  • They lack anonymity.
  • They are full of ads and spam.
  • Personal information is at exposure risk in free proxies.

Why Specifically Use Japan Proxy?

The sole way to purchase items from Japan and its online stores is by using a credible Japan proxy service website. Stores which are based in Japan can only be accessed through the IP address of Japan and in order to have that IP address one needs to use the Japan proxy specifically.

There are certain websites and apps that are only based in specific regions. Many of them are the ones that are based in Japan only. People from the other regions are unable to access these websites and apps. For that purpose, they need region based proxies. Similarly the websites and app based in Japan only would require Japan’s IP address and for that they need Japan proxy to have access to it. 

For example, Hulu’s, a television network, app and website can only be accessed in Japan. In order to have its access in other regions one has to use the IP address based in Japan.

One should purchase quality Japan proxy from a reliable source to avoid wastage of time and protect privacy. Using a quality Japan proxy can stop interruptions or dis-connectivity from the server.