Find where to buy UK proxies or get the UK proxy for free. In this post, you will know what are UK web proxy servers and will find the best UK proxy lists.

Before knowing anything, you must know that what actually are proxies, how do they work and what are the most used types by the people.

Proxies in the UK?

A UK proxy server is nothing more than a tool your computer can use to protect you and your information. A proxy server is normally another computer system which plays the role of a hub through which internet requests are passed out.

UK web proxy servers come to use when you want to use the web anonymously in the UK because they hide your IP address and instead of your home IP address, IP’s of a web proxy is shown. This makes you more secure. If you are amazed where to find IP option don’t worry, you can even find it on your computer. You can also buy UK proxies from the trusted web servers.

Why Use Proxies?

There are numerous reasons why organizations and individuals of the UK use a proxy server.

  •       To take command of internet usage of employees and children
  •       Bandwidth storage and improved speeds
  •       Privacy benefits
  •       Improved security
  •       Get access to blocked resources

Type of Proxies

From many of proxy types, we will briefly discuss here best UK proxy servers.

  •       Free Proxies
  •       Shared Proxies
  •       Dedicated Proxies

Let’s see how they differ from each other and which is better with pros and cons.

Free Proxies

It’s normal to want to experiment with free proxies, especially when you’re new in the game. You can get free proxies anywhere on the internet. And if you got lucky with them, you just might be tempted to use them a couple more times.

Pros of Free Proxies

  •       Free and easy to find: The internet is crowded with free proxies you can pick up and use. You won’t have to pay a single penny on free proxies. It sounds too beneficial to be true, right?
  •       You want to hide the IP and they do exactly what they’re made for and do the job of keeping your identity hidden.

But when you’re running a business, do you really want to accept the risks they come with using them?

Cons of Free Proxies

  •       You must have heard that elderly saying “you get what you pay for?”  Using one of the many free proxy web servers can be quite risky, even the services using ad-based revenue models.
  •       They’re usually really slow because they are shared with other people who are using these proxies for streaming movies, downloading things, and surfing the web. When the bandwidth is shared like that it can make your copping process extreme agonizing.

Shared Proxies

A shared proxy can be simply defined as a proxy that is used by multiple users at the same instant. So, it’ll look like more user experiencing the same IP address. These proxies are usually free.

Semi-Dedicated Web Proxies are also considered as a type of shared proxies but, in those proxies, the number of users is being limited by the provider.

Pros of Shared Proxies

  •       The core benefit of shared proxies is that they are generally less expensive than private proxies.
  •       While using specific web scraping tools, shared proxies can be helpful until the target website don’t restrict or block that IP address.
  •       In shared web proxies, multiple users sharing the same IP address so shared proxies provide high obscurity because it’s almost impossible to identify a single user.
  •       Shared proxies are as efficient and effective as semi-dedicated or private proxies.

Cons of Shared Proxies

  •       Your connection will be incredibly slow because you’re sharing it with multiple users.
  •       Using a shared proxy is one of the easiest methods some hacker can take your information.
  •       Shared proxies are cost-free.
  •       Shared proxies can be risky or IP can be permanently banned if you If any of them who are using the same IP does something illegal. In case, If you attempt to enter that website, you will be blocked from the IP or site. Because you are sharing it with multiple users so you aren’t responsible only for your mistakes, an illegal activity from any of them can put you in danger

Dedicated Proxies (Private Proxies)

A dedicated proxy is a proxy that is not shared with anyone else and assigned only to one user. Dedicated proxies can also be called private proxies.

Pros of Dedicated Proxies

  •       Dedicated Proxy Server is faster
  •       Dedicated Proxies are more stable
  •       Dedicated Proxy Server is more secure
  •       Dedicated or private proxies enables you to protect your online statistics.
  •       Private proxies are being used as social media proxies to link online platforms thus increasing market reach.
  •       Dedicated proxies allow you with a large range of IP addresses and a wide selection of geographic locations.

Cons of Dedicated Proxies

  •       Private Proxies are more expensive compared to shared or free proxies.
  •       Some Private servers don’t guarantee full anonymity.
  •       When it comes to LAW, it is hard for them to provide you full confidentiality.

Conclusion (Comparison)

Thus, Private proxies are very ideal for professional use when doing tasks online. While semi-dedicated proxies are absolutely better than free or semi-dedicated proxies but they can’t beat private proxies in performance.